breaking down our process

It all starts with a conversation.

What can you expect when you work with EnVision Design Studio? Our team of highly skilled designers bring a unique approach to your project, and it all begins with the simple principle of listening. Our team will work in tandem with you, helping to bring your project to life all while actively listening to your goals and design inspirations to ensure that the the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Our step by step process is outlined below, learn how we help take your initial idea and bring it to life.

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    step 1: discussing your idea

    1. Initial Phone Call

    Your first phone call with our team will help establish the goals for your build. 

    2. Exterior dimensions and inspiration

    During the initial design phase we like to gather as much information as possible to help bring your build to life. From technical information like the dimensions of the project to any inspiration images or styles that you want to include. 

    3. sketching ideas

    After we have a clear understanding of your goals, we hit the drawing board. 

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    step 2: creating the design

    1. floor plans

    As we progress into the second phase of the design process we create highly detailed and precise floor plans. Tweaking along the way to accommodate your design goals. 

    2. elevation

    Next we provide an orthographic projection of each side of your building, showing you the finished appearance of your build along with the furnish vertical height dimensions. 

    3. Structural Engineering

    We provide structural engineering that focuses on the framework of your structure, being careful to take into account the potential stresses of the environment that it is being built in. 

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    step 3: iterations and finalizing design

    1. 3d Renderings

    Once the floor plans have been tweaked and the design finalized we move in to creating photorealistic renderings of the interior and exterior of the build. 

    2. design documents

    We provide design documents that include the specifications required to ensure that the business and technical requirements of the design are satisfied.  

    3. construction documents

    And finally provide construction documents that include plans, specifications, approved change orders, revisions, addenda and other information approved by the County for your build. 

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